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Available at select nouria locations.

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Treat yourself with our exciting variety of fine wines and rich beers.

Life is more exciting with friends and family. What better way to bring everyone together than sharing the perfect bottle of wine or a couple of refreshing pints of beer? Our selection will fulfill your occasion needs from the end of the workday to hosting a party.

Our wines are hand-selected from a range of grape regions. Most wines we carry come from US wineries in the vast wine regions of California, North Coast, Central Coast, Inland Valleys, Sierra Foothills, and Southern.

We also will take your taste buds across the world with French, Italian, Spanish, Australian, New Zealand, and South African wines, all with their unique flavor stories to tell; from mature dark fruits and rich notes, to crisp lighter fruits and florals, that can be dry or sweet.

Our Beer Caves have a range of brands; from your loyal go-to American lager to the newest IPA of the week. We offer a wide selection of American lagers for any occasion, with many packages sizes to choose from. Our craft section is growing, in size and variety. The craft’s range from earthy hops, citrus/pine flavors, sour/fruity, to floral hops with complex malts. All of these with their own special ingredients that make them stand out; coffee, fruits, chocolate, and arrangements of herbs and spices. Our mission is to always have you leave intrigued or excited about what you just purchased.