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Wilde Chips

Snickers & Skittles (Mix & Match)

Slim Jim Savage (All Varieties)

Rice Krispy Treats

Save $2 on Nouria's Kitchen Pizza

Save $2 on Amato's Pizza

Popcorners & Quaker Rice Crisps

Nouria Sweet Snacks

Nature Valley Bars

My Nouria Mints

My Nouria Meat Snacks

Buy ANY Sandwich get FREE Nouria Chips

My Nouria Chocolate Candy Tubes

99¢ Coke with Large Pizza

My Nouria Chocolate Bars

My Nouria Chips

My Nouria Bag Candy


Flock Chicken Skin Chips

Fitcrunch Bar

Starbucks Double/Triple Shot (Mix & Match)

Reign Storm

Buy ANY Red Bull & get a FREE Nouria Water

Powerade (Assorted Flavors)

Pepsi 1 Liter

Path Water

Muscle Milk

Buy 2 & Save 20¢ per gal

Buy 2 & Save 10¢ per gal

Arizone Teas (Assorted Flavors)

C4 Ultimate Energy (Assorted Flavors)

Coke 20 oz (Assorted Flavor)

G Fuel Energy Drinks

Lipton Pure Leaf Tea (Assorted Flavor)

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Whether you'd like a fresh muffin from café nouria or a famous Whately Diner milkshake, we've got the variety of fresh offerings to satisfy all your taste buds!

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